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The Transformative Power of Hiking and Coaching

Nature, in its boundless beauty and challenge, has always been a source of inspiration, learning, and growth. But what happens when we combine the rigorous physical activity of hiking with focused, holistic coaching? The results, as both anecdotal evidence and scientific studies suggest, can be profoundly transformative. 1. Physical Health and Cognitive Function A study […]

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Is ChatGPT already the future of work?

After asking ChatGPT to explain it's potential to increase effectiveness in a typical business setting I am inclined to say final judgement below. I am including the whole dialog below. If you haven't tried it yet please do. Nico: Help me write a professional business article for my blog. It should cover the topic […]

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Book review – The Synergy Solution

Mark L. Sirower and Jefferey M. Weirens have written an delightful book on the end-to-end M&A journey that in less than 320 pages conveys the key concepts for doing the right deal and doing it right. The two senior advisors, representing Deloitte’s M&A and Financial Advisory practices, have more than 50 years of deal experience […]

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