Management Consulting services within M&A (Integration and Separation) and Operational Strategy

M&A – Integration & Separation

Helping sellers and buyers realize deal value in their integration and separation journeys

Integration Services

  • Integration Due Diligence
  • Synergy Assessment
  • Day 1 Planning
  • Target Operating Model Design
  • Integration Program Management

Separation Services

  • Separation Complexity Assessment
  • Day 1 planning
  • TSA Planning
  • Separation Program Management

OperationAL Due Diligence

The level of diligence, from rapid red flag review to more extensive value creation assessment, will depend on the situation and specific client needs.

As a minimum, it is recommended to include a review of main operations and historical performance to determine if the target’s stated cost reduction programs are plausible as well as assess if there are serious operational risks that buyer need to consider in valuation

“A good Post Merger Integration can’t save a good deal but a poor PMI can break a good deal.”

Mark L. Sirower & Jeffery M. Weirens, authors of The Synergy Solution

Operational Strategy

Working with clients on their most critical issues and opportunities within operational excellence

Cost optimization

Helping clients identify, validate and realize value from operational cost improvements. The key focus is procurement cost optimization including spend analysis, category strategy acceleration and negotiation support. Depending on industry ~40-70% of a manufacturing company’s costs are procurement related and successful optimization efforts here will drive significant value. Nicolas has a strong track record of helping clients negotiate large complex RFXs and currently has supported savings of close to a billion dollars.

Cash optimization

Helping clients tackle working capital optimization head on. Improvement in the working capital cycle will increase the ongoing cash generation capability of a business and reduce its future funding requirements. This creates benefit by enabling a company to use cash for activities of higher shareholder value (fixed assets, loans, dividends, etc.).

"The goal is not to improve one measurement in isolation. The goal is to reduce operational expenses AND reduce inventories and increase throughput simultaneously."

Eliyahu M. Goldratt author of The Goal
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